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EastWestern University's Huxley Library Reference Chat Transcripts
Compiled by Seamus Lennon and Miki Lang

Chat 4: Romeo and Juliet

- punk0 is chatting with operator Mark --

Mark> Welcome to Virtual Reference.

punk0> Can you tell me quick what happens in Romeo and julit? Juliet?

Mark> Sure. are you ready? do you need to get a notebook?

punk0> im ready go ahead

Mark> Okay: Romeo is a teenage guy in Florence and he's in love with Queen Mab who doesn't know. Juliet is in love with Romeo who she knows from school, but he doesn't know. Romeo's friend Mercutio picks a fight, and some guys he thought were his friends stab him in the forum, which is of course fatal. Romeo is really upset about this. Juliet asks some witches what to do and they send her to a secret shop where a fryer named Lawrence makes some poison capulets for her. Lawrence falls for Juliet but she doesn't know.

Mark> Are you getting this?

punk0> okay

Mark> Romeo talks to Juliet on her balcony which is very romantic because she wants to make out but she can't reach him down in the garden. Also she is disappointed that he's named Romeo Montague. Romeo falls for Juliet but she doesn't know. He says she can call him back anytime.

punk0> okay

Mark> So Juliet is going to give the poison capulets to Tybalt, who is Queen Mab's favorite, to try to get her away from Romeo. But Juliet muffs the switch and takes some poison ones herself. Romeo, who is still distraught (out of his head) about Mercutio, kills Tybalt by stabbing his arras in a sword fight. Meanwhile Lawrence revives Juliet and she's breathing on her own. But by this time Romeo has taken all the capulets and he kills Juliet, fryer Lawrence, everybody in Paris County and a Nurse, who was in on it. Then he dies from the poison.

Mark> got it?

punk0> is that the end?

Mark> Yes. It's a great tragedy because Romeo didn't know Juliet liked him and the nurse was there to help him with antidote capulets which would have saved his life. Besides, everybody is dead.

punk0> alright thanks.

Mark> hey No problem

-- chat terminated by punk0 --

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