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Schindler's List II (1998). **** D: Steven Speilberg. Cast: Liam Neeson, Tracy Lords, John Travolta. Neeson revisits the role of Oskar Schindler in this sequel set twenty years after the end of the first film. In this heart-warming movie, Schindler hides five Norweigian go-go dancers by letting them work in his factory. Look for Travolta as Helmut, the evil road manager. R, bw, 167 minutes. ms. [direct link]

Schindler's List III: Schindler's Fist! (2001). * 1/2 D: Jerry Bruckheimer. Cast: Ralph Macchio, Joey Stallone, Rae Dawn Chong. Macchio takes the reigns from Neeson in this implausible sequel to the sequel for 'Schindler's List.' Oskar Schindler is called into action one last time to rescue P.O.W.s from an all-but-forgotten camp on a remote island in the South Pacific. Once there, Schindler switches sides as he is taken under the wing of a drug smuggler (Stallone). Maddened by power and cocaine, Schindler jumps off a cliff in the thrilling dramatic climax. R, c, 94 minutes. ms. [direct link]

Sense and Sensibility (1995). * D: Kenneth Branagh. Cast: Emma Thompson, Madonna. The classic 'two worlds collide' tale. Madonna plays a 'young' reform school student with Emma Thompson as her teacher. A completely predictable plot: Thompson advises Madonna on speaking and diction with a stiff upper lip while Madonna ends up giving Thompson a few lessons on spanking and . . . you get the idea. R, c, 131 minutes. ms. [direct link]

Shadow of the Third Man (1951). ** D: Robert V. Caldwell. Cast: Joseph Cotten, Trevor Martin, Annette Shelly, Victor Pemberton, Donald Kwan. The third entry into the "Third Man" series, the one that "Third Man" creator Graham Greene refused to watch. Standard runaround through London, Third Man still dead, syndicate crushed once again. Not rated, bw, 95 minutes. dc. [direct link]

She-Creatures of the Deep Blue Sea (1969). * D: Armando de Ossorio. Cast: Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale. Why did these two women do this film? Audiences have always found that question the most complex riddle of this film which largely features the actresses in wet clothing. R, c, 86 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Sheila, It Was Really Nothing (1986). ** D: Adam Ant. Cast: Morrissey, Johnny Marr. Typical band-film features wacky outtakes from the Louder Than Bombs Tour and several beautiful black and white montages of Morrissey brooding. Special attention should be paid to the growing tension between Morrissey and Marr. R, c, bw, 87 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Shoot, You Bastards (1994). * D: Bobby Knight. Cast: Bobby Knight and his "&^%#$ players". A season of frustration. Bobby Knight shoots profanities as haphazardly as Damon Bailey's three-pointers. R, c, 75 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Slaking, The (1994). ** 1/2 D: James Cameron. Cast: Bob Hoskins and Michelle Pfeiffer. A suspense-filled tale of lust and deception in the shady underworld of the sport drink industry. Special cameos by Michael Jordan and Joe Namath. R, c, 106 minutes. le. [direct link]

Sleepless Glow, The (2001). ** 1/2 D: Oliver Stone. Cast: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Stone's eerie look into the science of cloning, the inevitable Olsens star as twin genetic engineers who discover an evil industry plot to control the public with phosphorescent genetic markers. R, c, 184 minutes. srj. [direct link]

Slurp! (1979). * 1/2 D: Roger Corman. Cast: Starr Evens, Brian Borges, Tiffany Meeks, George Hilton, Tracy Anderson. Corman's low budget teen-sex musical has its moments: Evans can sing as well as bare her stunning physique! However, the awful dialogue and occasional "plot" mar the other 90 minutes. R, c, 95 minutes. dc. [direct link]

Sound and the Fury, The (1968). **** D: Russ Meyer. Cast: Dolly Read, Dustin Hoffman, Peter Fonda, Pam Grier. Faulkner-meets-Playboy saga, surprisingly faithful to original text, features busty Read as Candy, Hoffman as Benji the "moron," and Fonda as Quentin. Marred by confusing dialogue, but stellar performance by Grier as Dilsey the slave. X (now NC-17), c, 121 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Speed III: Matters of the Heart (1998). **** D: Jerry Bruckheimer. Cast: Richard Grieco, Slim Pickens. Pickens' pacemaker is set to explode if his heart rate exceeds 120 bpm. Look for Gary Coleman as the heart surgeon with a Napoleon complex. R, c, 94 minutes. ms. [direct link]

Stop Making Chintz (1983). *** 1/2 D: Franco Zeferelli. Cast: Liberace. Dazzling documentary and concert film of Liberace's triumphant 1981-82 comeback tour. 70mm Panascope brings the action up close. G, c, 104 minutes. le. [direct link]

Sun Never Sets on Billy Ocean, The (1987). * D: Paul Burns. Cast: Billy Ocean, Monique. A pop star meets a real Carribbean queen (Monique), but she is not amused by his song. After one hour of fighting, there's an hour of loving in this predictible romantic comedy. PG-13, c, 120 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Sweet Caroline (1977). ** D: Peter Weir. Cast: Meryl Streep. A piano-tuner finds love in the African jungle, then disappears. PG-13, c, 114 minutes. jh. [direct link]

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