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Daniel Kittycat's Meow Meow Adventure Meow (1982). *** D: Fred Rogers. Cast: Fred Rogers. Daniel Kittycat, a character from the irrepressibly loveable "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood," has wacky adventures on the way to visit a sick cousin. Fun for the whole family. G, c, 84 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Days of Waltzing Roses, The (1965). *** D: Gene Kelly. Cast: Gene Kelly. Little seen cartoon/live action combination featuring Gene Kelly dancing with flowers. Animation by Robert McKimson. G, c, 24 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Devil Doll (1974). ** D: Roger Corman. Cast: Joan Crawford. A freak boating accident switches Crawford's baby with a living doll. No one really even notices the difference, even as the possessed doll eats Crawford. Sometimes called "Devil Doll of Barbados" although filmed near Tahiti. Not rated, c, 72 minutes. jh.

Dial M for Mommy (1986). ** D: Robert Benton. Cast: Barbara Harris, Stockard Channing, Maggie Smith. Three infertile women start up a babysitting operation, then kidnap the children and take them to an amusement park. There Smith falls in love with a roller coaster-operating teenager, Channing is discovered by a modeling agency, and Harris determines her one true love is riding elephants. Can these three women balance their new lives, outrunning the law, and caring for children? Another one of those "I'm not Superwoman!" movies so beloved by the Lifetime Channel. PG, c, 91 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Diary of the Third Man (1967). ** D: Alan Waugh. Cast: Frederick Shim, Janet Ellington, John Forrester, Malcolm Gorman. A prequel (?!) to the original "Third Man" film starts out well but ends with another by-the-numbers chase sequence. Shot on location in Athens. Not rated, bw, 92 minutes. dc. [direct link]

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk (1989). ** D: James Cameron. Cast: . Ill-advised romantic comedy featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme as a milkman in 1950s suburbia who must comfort a "very special" housewife (Teri Garr) when she spills milk all over her doorstep. Worth watching only for the swarm of stray cats that threaten to attack Garr and Van Damme's predictible method of handling the situation. R, c, 96 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Dot and the Line, The (2000). * D: Paul Thomas Anderson. Cast: Tucker Carlson, Johnny Knoxville, Winona Ryder. In this live-action mess, Dot (Ryder) must choose between reliable Line (Carlson) or wild Scribble (Knoxville). Charla Sanderson's incredible costumes, faithful to the Chuck Jones original animated feature, only saving grace. G, c, 12 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Drive Safely (1997). ** D: Blake Edwards. Cast: Donald Sutherland, Julie Andrews, Emilio Estevez. A thinly veiled ad for the Volvo motor company, Sutherland's performance as the alcoholic fiber-artist is still riveting. Best cinematography nomination for the extensive loom footage. PG, c, 94 minutes. le. [direct link]

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