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Gastronomicals, The (1987). *** D: Rob Reiner. Cast: Sally Kellerman and Gene Hackman. Hilarious romp about a fragrance designer who discovers a perfect man-catching scent: a perfume that smells like food. PG, c, 94 minutes. eww. [direct link]

Gentle Orphan (1952). ***** D: Ingmar Bergman. Cast: Stig Olin, Mona Astrand. Surreal tale about a 14th century saint whose friendship with an orphaned girl (who happens to be a legendary glassblower) transcends time. Seven centuries later, his ancestors must decide if a glass birdbath located on the orphan's grave is preventing her ascension to heaven. PG, bw, 135 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Ghetto Like Dat (1995). *** D: F. Gary Gray. Cast: Easy-E and Kristen Dunst in a break-out role. Interracial romance between upwardly mobile gangbanger/playa Easy-E and the loveable schoolgirl who comes to babysit his children in his new mansion. Advertised with the tagline, "You can take the man outta Compton, but you can't take the Compton outta the man." R, c, 99 minutes. hh. [direct link]

Grapes of Wrath: New Generation (2001). *** D: Paul Thomas Anderson. Cast: Neil Patrick Harris, Anthony Michael Hall. Modernization of Steinbeck's classic is ambitious, yet satisifying. When dot-com jobs dry up, our heroes keep moving up the Pacific Coast in search of paradise. Features Senator Maria Cantwell as Rose of Sharon. PG-13, c, 163 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Guidance Counselors from Hell (1986). **** D: John Milner. Cast: Kathy Bates, Ben Stein. Guidance counselors convince high schoolers to pick careers they are clearly not suited for, thus damning them to a life of frustration and failure. Bates and Stein are brilliant as gleefully malicious advisors. A high point in young adult psychological thrillers. R, c, 114 minutes. jh. [direct link]

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