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Rank Amateurs (1986). * 1/2 D: John Hughes. Cast: Martin Short, John Candy. This mid-career groaner from Hughes stars Short and Candy as Bob and Stanky in ill-cast and ill-advised roles as a male figure skating duo trying to break through the male-female barrier of couple's figure-skating. Add to that Stanky's uncontrollable flatulence problem and hilarity is supposed to ensue, but doesn't. PG, c, 94 minutes. le. [direct link]

Return of the Third Man (1949). ** 1/2 D: Norman Foster. Cast: Joseph Cotten, Trevor Martin, Judy Valiette, cameo by Orson Welles. Who says that sequels are a modern invention? Even though Welles' character was killed in the original, his syndicate returns to make trouble for Cotten, Martine, and Valiette (in her film debut) Not rated, bw, 102 minutes. dc. [direct link]

Right to Assemble (2001). ** D: Alfie Hermann. Cast: Rosie Perez. A woman panics when ordinary citizens gather in the dark outside and calls the police, arguing that they have "no permit to assemble." A meandering piece about madness, trust, and the role of police in suburbia. R, bw, 91 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Ring of Fire (1969). **** D: Chuck Jones. Cast: Johnny Cash (vocals). Animated music video of Johnny Cash's hit song features Michigan J. Frog in Hades. Despite adult themes, perfectly acceptable for younger viewers. G, c, 8 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Russ Meyer: The Man Who Used Two Big Hooters (1984). * D: David Byrne. Cast: Russ and Eve Meyer. No stone is left unturned when searching for the actresses of Meyer's films for comments and insights. Meticulous details of how Meyer gets his 'women' to run without knocking themselves out or tearing any tissue or skin is revealed. R, c, 769 minutes. mc. [direct link]

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