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Ferris Bueller's Day of Reckoning (2001). *** D: John Woo. Cast: Wesley Snipes (Ferris Bueller), Chow Yun-Fat (Cameron Frye), Jeffrey Jones (Edward R. Rooney), Bridget Fonda (Sloane Peterson). Cameron Frye is a cop with everything to lose, and Bueller is a con man with a dark past...and no where else to turn. Two old friends reunite to reclaim the streets of Chinatown from the clutches of ruthless crime lord Ed "The Disciplinarian" Rooney. Only Woo's gratuitous use of the 'virtual camera movement' technique (a la The Matrix) kept this from being a four-star film. R, c, 140 minutes. ec. [direct link]

Fighting Existentialists, The (1970). **** D: Michael Ritchie. Cast: Walter Matthau, George Plimpton, Piper Laurie, Ali McGraw. An amusing look at the world's only existential football team. See how they approach game day, attempt to score with the cheerleaders (The Fightin' Femmes, with cameo by Andrea Dworkin). When QB Sartre gets eyes on head cheerleader Gloria, mousy girlfriend Simone gets angry. Catfights, touchdowns, and philosophy--can it get any better? R, c, 113 minutes. le, je2, jh. [direct link]

Forks in the Road (1955). *** D: Wesley Peters. Cast: Robert Young, Donna Reed. While on their way to Naples, a married couple takes a wrong turn and ends up in war-torn Yugoslavia. A mediocre pacifist statement, but a winning comedy. G, bw, 113 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Forty Acres and a Camel (1991). ** D: Paul Burns. Cast: Amena Hussein, Chuck D. Tragic love story of Iraqi reporter and American soldier who unite in anger against various oppressive influences. Scene-stealer Flava Flav cameos as "wacky Uncle Tom." R, c, 109 minutes. jh. [direct link]

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