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Adrift in Space (1959). *** D: Ira Hale. Cast: Jason Higgs, Barbara Shelton, Betty Rill, Sam Ferris, Joel Quincy. Typical low-budget "marooned in space" film stars a creditable cast, a smart script, and the debut of legendary director Ira Hale. Shot entirely in Minnesota! Not rated, bw, 103 minutes. dc. [direct link]

Airport 2001 (2000). * D: Jack Smight. Cast: Keanu Reeves, Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards, Jennifer Love Hewitt. When will they stop making these awful movies? Frustrated passengers encounter long lines and delays before their "happy ending." First of "Airport" series to take place entirely on ground, but hopefully last one too. R, c, 94 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Aliens^5 (2001). **** D: Jerry Bruckheimer. Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Bronson Pinchot, Rip Torn. Presumably the final installment of the 'Alien' series in which Ellen Ripley goes *backwards* in time to Victorian London where she and her malicious friends from the previous four films become a sensation in upper-class social circles. R, c, 115 minutes. ms. [direct link]

Allergen, The (1998). ** D: Clive Barker. Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Tom Wopat, Chris Farley. A not-so arresting tale of a mutated spore of corn pollen that manages to severely annoy its victims without killing them. Farley stars as the allergen in an almost-scary film ultimately about the failure of over-the-counter medications R, c, 121 minutes. le. [direct link]

Alphaville (2001). ** D: Susan Sarandon. Cast: Tim Robbins. Remake of Godard's sci-fi epic only marketing tool for children's toys. R, c, 100 minutes. je. [direct link]

American Girl (2000). ** 1/2 D: David Cronenberg. Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Jeremy Irons. A chilling, violent tale of America's first twin-girl serial killers. Witherspoon stars opposite herself in this ultimately dissatisfying look into the female criminal mind. Irons, however, is perfectly cast as the distant, abusive father. NC 17, c, 124 minutes. le. [direct link]

Angst (1962). **** D: Ingmar Bergman. Cast: Anita Ekberg, Max von Sydow. Bergman does Jean Cocteau in this dark tale of existential ennui in a small Swedish fishing village. Ekberg stars as a depressed housewife and von Sydow as the ghost of her husband who has been lost at sea. The new DVD release is packaged with its own free sample of Prozac. Not rated, bw, 241 minutes. le. [direct link]

anyone lived in a pretty how town (1995). **** D: Tim Burton. Cast: Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder. Love story based on e.e. cummings' poem. Beautiful imagery, wonderful acting, and charming wordplay. PG-13, c, 86 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Armada! (1996). * D: Patrick O'Hare. Cast: Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith. Overwrought Andrew Lloyd Webber musical comes to screen: Banderas is Spanish captain and Griffith is British barmaid. The rest is intolerable. Songs include "Set Sail" and "Into the Sunset." PG, c, 114 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Augustus! (2000). **** D: Andrew Lloyd Webber. Cast: Madonna, Sir Anthony Hopkins. A semi-sequel to the dictator-friendly smash hit 'Evita.' Hopkins plays Chilean despot Augustus Pinochet in a film which documents his rise and fall. Look for Billboard chart-topping songs 'Don't Make Me Mad, Chile' and 'F*** You, I'm King!' Soundtrack features two bonus Puff Daddy remixes. R, c, 158 minutes. ms. [direct link]

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