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a tribute to the cutest president in the free world

"Martin Van Buren had a classy thing goin' on" -
Gregg Foreman, Delta 72 (in CMJ-NMM #81)

President of Cuteness Martin Van Buren

Discover a whole new Van Buren at the Martin Fan Bureau. Browse the art gallery to see Martin through history. Peruse the literature section to see how time's greatest authors have immortalized our man Martin. Watch Martin dance (Flash player required). Partake of some lies and rumors about Martin. Ask the spirit of Martin, thoughtfully channeled by our professional mediums, your burning questions about life, love, and politics. Join our mailing list and receive updates when new material becomes available.

Finally, if you're hungry for actual knowledge, see the list of links provided by the Open Directory Project for Martin and get informed.

The Martin Fan Bureau:
Where every day is President's Day