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Does Daniel Hurley Still Own His Trailer
in the State of Washington?

by Francine DuBois

For the bitch-slap queen of the 7th grade

Stalking-man in a mud-brown El Camino,
Dragging a muffler so we know he's coming,
Can't do a damn thing right (worthless since his birth in 1976),

Trying to trap a thirteen-year-old he knocked up,
Gonna stow away on a train to get back to her,
Can't understand why the police want him for

Killing that bitchy waitress in Tucson and
Breaking into that apartment complex in Louisville,
Blaming the nearest crackwhore for his problems,

Wonder if he's still kicking down doors
Claiming he's a badass bounty hunter, "higher than
Fuckin' God," still holed up in that shitty trailer of his.

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