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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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2017 Postmodern Village Conference

Cora Tortie-NummybiscuitsVita Snackville-West: Kitchen Gadgets, Foodie Culture, and 20th Century Literary Progress, a Critique in 20 Yelps
by Cora Tortie-Nummybiscuits

There's an app for this one, but it certainly left us feeling hungrier than before. Unfortunately, we felt hungrier for real food, not the foam-and-gel froofrooness or weird flavor combinations mentioned here. Lucky Charms-infused crabcakes in a port wine reduction? Bring on the burgers, please.

Ardmark CheesysoxWallace and Gromit Stevens: Empire, Ice Cream, and the Modernity of the Wrong Trousers, a Claymationary Tale
by Ardmark Cheesysox

There were in fact madcap adventures aplenty in this presentation, along with deeply associative and entirely poetic moments. The stop animation Roller of Big Cigars was an unexpected touch.

DJ DedmouseFrom Cradle to Rave: eX-Static Culture as Personal Evolutionary Process, a Monograph of Galapagos Foam Parties
by DJ Dedmouse

Cultural criticism as EDM, Dedmouse's house music (en)tranced the whole convention center. But given the way the foam bubbled out of the conference room and into the hall, we got a bit worried about the state of our security deposit.

Sir Kelf RavenfurThe Ecstasy and the Irony: Satire as Party Drug, a Mythopoesis of Acid House
by Sir Kelf Ravenfur

Ravenfur's presentation rivaled that of Dedmouse in, at least, rhythmic complexity, but its true winning force was its deep wit and literary acumen. The free bottled water was a necessity, though, and it's possible we're still snarkily flat-trippin'.

Lady Piltdown Bromptony-Fish, MBEBrontësaurus: the Archeology of the English Countryside and the Novelization of Manners
by Lady Piltdown Bromptony-Fish, MBE

Our first presentation that had its own stratigraphic layers, Bromptony-Fish engaged us in the deep history of England's loamy soil. Literally, with trowels, brushes, and dental picks for the detail work.

Madame Coco SinclairCache 22: Computational Theory, Major Majoring, and Yossarian's Whore, an Origin Story in AI
by Madame Coco Sinclair

We English majors can't begin to understand the binary bits here, but we can see how it might find its way to a binding paradox: how can we tell if the intelligence that made it is as meatspace as it comes?

Kibble MoorePram Stroller’s Gentleman Jackula: Homemaking as Horrorshow, Day-Drinking as Lifehack, Sponsored by the Bourbon Board of Kentucky
by Kibble Moore

Fewer free samples didn’t detract from this well-attended and completely delicious presentation, tastefully sponsored by the Bourbon Board of Kentucky. Classy and full-bodied, an American classic®.

Sir Cheshire Queenimus IVCharles Lutwidge Dodge Bros.: Behind the Looking Glass of American Automobile Manufacture, a Fantasy in Math
by Sir Cheshire Queenimus IV

There were far too many formulae here to be truly comprehensible, but car companies as fantasylands we can quite readily understand. Ever really take your SUV off road or your sports sedan to the race track? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Jam Handyklawz13 Ways of Looking at a Brickbat: Modernist Poetry as Academic Macroaggression, a Training Film
by Jam Handyklawz

Reducing High Modernism to a more-than-slightly creepy corporate training film just heightened our understanding of the fear our students face when they open the massive anthologies we make them buy and stare, dumbfounded, at the Thin Men of Haddam. However humbling, the paper is still due Friday, kids.

Presentations, Part 3