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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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2017 Postmodern Village Conference

Smokey FoggingtonJames Tate Modern: Museumgoing as Poetic Tradition, an iPhone App and Audio Guide
by Smokey Foggington

We at least got a nice stroll through a local art house, even if we weren’t totally satisfied with the (I’m sure) well-meaning commentary by the (I’m sure) well-meaning Foggington.

Count Vladimir DiewitzerovskyTrollstoy: Power, Talkback and the Geopolitics of Online Respectability, an Epic
by Count Vladimir Diewitzerovsky

Diewitzerovsky only took 1,000 pages to bring together fake news, Russian "meddling," and the ways online comments reveal one’s social standing and aspirations.

Tropica CatripornMill-Spec: Arthur Miller, Henry Miller, Steve Miller, and "The Miller’s Tale," Cultural Imperialism as Sexual Escapade, a Global Strategy
by Tropica Catriporn

We’re always enamored of the seamier side, and Catriporn shows how the venereal has become a venerable way of positioning power on the world stage.

Purrrrseus DakotakatPro-Me-Theus: Millennialism, Forethought, an the Myth of a Loser-Free Future
by Purrrrseus Dakotakat

Olds like us complain endlessly of the supposed sense of entitlement of those who came of age in the aughts and after, but what if such self-centeredness were really forward-thinking? Dakotakat sees failure in all that w1nning, eternal punishment as a whole generation is dashed upon the rocks of what it really means to live(r).

Mr. Tillersinge FyrefurKubla Con: Resort Culture, Exoticism, and Trumpist Foreign Policy, or From Commercial Real-Estate to Xanadoofus
by Mr. Tillersinge Fyrefur

Fyrefur tells us little we didn’t already know, but he does so in the seductive form of a timeshare sales pitch, adding a layer of meta to the absurdity of it all. Perhaps one day we’ll wake from this dream, ready to write it all down.

Raffael van NeumeownDrag ‘N’net: Cross-Dressing, St. George, and the Transpolitics of Online Culture, a Gamification
by Raffael van Neumeown

Another on our Gender Track, Neumeown’s presentation used a Joe Friday-esque "just the facts" approach to show how the dragon of transphobia could be slayed in virtual communities. Neumeown then let us loose with the game controllers and endless free lives. We had so much fun we missed the lunch break and had to settle for a bag of Doritos and a 2-liter of Mt. Dew.

Ms. Ariel MinajhaunchesBooty and the Beat: the Disnification of French Literature and the Rise of the Derrière as Cultural Icon, an Exploration in Twenty Twerks
by Ms. Ariel Minajhaunches

Butt for the Belles of Notre Dame, we may never have understood the backsides of Beyonce and the Bountiful Mrs. Kanye. Only the French would be able to assemble such a cultural shift with the necessary buttressing, sans culottes.

Mame KuhnWait, Wait, Whose Lion Is It?: Improv, NPR, and the Symbolism of Characterization in Oz, a Sing-Along
by Mame Kuhn

We at least got to belt out a few tunes this time, a bunch of literary introverts finally encouraged by a compelling interpretation. Maybe it was public radio that made it OK for us shy types to explore our wilder sides.

Presentations, Part 4