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The Mainly Annual
Postmodern Village
20th Annual Conference

Billy Carter-RaMiley Osiris: Life as Afterlife, Egyptology of Online Fame
by Billy Carter-Ra

Carter-Ra's presentation was little more than an excuse to show celebrity nip-slips and how no one knows how to get out of a limo with class (or, for that matter, underwear) anymore. The Internet never forgets—that we know. But when Carter-Ra started reciting the high-school poems and showing the prom pictures of those in the room, things got a lot more awkward—and a lot more real.

Seymore JamesSlashberry Crunch: Mass Merchandising, the Smurfs, and Guns & Roses as Self-Referential Fanfic in the Facebook-Feedback Age
by Seymore James

Through a clever use of Guitar Hero, cartoon mashups, and screen caps of social media, James helped us see recursion as both created and necessary. But then, I repeat myself.

Tom R.R. BrokejawGame of Crones: Aging Boomers, Gender Politics, and the New Aristocracy, a Flow Chart
by Tom R.R. Brokejaw

Brokejaw's latest coffee-table tome goes into the deep relationship between the impact of older women entering the workforce and the degree to which the Boomers continue to dominate both economic and professional life. Carefully excerpted here, X-ers like me, aging but stuck in unfulfilling mid-level positions, realize that an explanation, however cogent, is still a poor excuse.

Billiam Yutler BatesPoor Bishop's Almanac: Poetry as Prognostication, a Preliminary Primer
by Billiam Yutler Bates

It's time to plant tears, according to Bates, and clever as he is, no stove will bake lines into houses: poetry may shape our futures, but work still makes it.

Mittens DuBois-DuganHaight is Enuf: the Counterculture, Quiverfull, and Jesus-Freaks, a Post-post-Femynyst Man-ifesto
by Mittens DuBois-Dugan

It's not that far from "free love" to a literal reading of "be fruitful and multiply," argues Dugan-DuBois: the hippies actually had "that Jesus thing" pretty well pegged, sandals, home-schooling and all. But all that pot might have ruined the quivers.

Big Queaz-ENurse Ratchett Culture: Mental Health, Street Cred, and Suburban White Kids, a Style-Guide
by Big Queaz-E

Big Queaz-E, one of the few clinical psychologists to be signed to Dirty Town Records, explained the rubric he created to measure insight into psychiatric diagnosis, pharmaceutical use, and hip-hop posturing. A surprise from his years of research: it's a side-effect of Ritalin that causes the backwards caps on white kids.

J. Peggy GraffChoosy Moms Choose GIFs: Creating E-Meaning 5 Seconds at a Time
by J. Peggy Graff

Through jittery visuals, Graff mapped out how cumulative exposure to animated memes forms our reality, influences voting, and ultimately, keeps us sane. We can't wait to link this paper to our Facebook feeds.

Papers, Part 3