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The Mainly Annual
Postmodern Village
20th Annual Conference

Mel E. Bunton-BouquetKeeping Up the Spice Girls: British Sisterhood as Socioeconomic Liberation (What I Really, Really Want)
by Mel E. Bunton-Bouquet

In hilarity both broad and proper, Bouquet (pronounced "Bucket") helped make the case that social striving, multicultural pop music, and the cross-class sorority of self-help and "girl power" have upended English society. Hillary Clinton, are you listening? What spices up your world?

Andrea Millicent Cziziwietz-Cziziwietz-Cupcake-Android-Android*Bananas Foster Wallace: Derangement, Dessert, and Denouements, a Culinary Homage
by Andrea Millicent Cziziwietz-Cziziwietz-Cupcake-Android-Android*

Cziziwietz-Cziziwietz-Cupcake-Android-Android's maximalist approach to both psychoanalysis and butter made for a tasty paper, though greatly attenuated for the sake of presentation. One wonders how so many words could possibly fit with so profusely illustrated a recipe-filled case study.

* According to genealogical evidence, both the author's maternal and fraternal Cziziwietzes were unrelated. Cziziwietz-Cziziwietz-Cupcake-Android-Android took the name "Cupcake" during a brief stay in a Utopian colony of militant foodies, and has retained it because of having published work under that name. She has since married, in succession, both Tyler Android and his twin sister Tayler, divorcing the former Android in an acrimonious split in which rampant lesbianism with a family member seemed not merely appropriate but her only reasonable approach, not to mention the best sort of revenge. The former Android (Tyler), being one of the "those" kinds of Republicans, has written online about his belief that Cziziwietz-Cziziwietz-Cupcake-Android-Android's current marriage to his twin sister (Tyler) is cosmologically ruining his own current marriage to a former female middle-weight boxer-turned-TV-evangelist-and-semi-celebrity-pitchwoman (Skyler Android-Frazier-Bryant-Ali) and setting a bad example for their children (Trappt and Trippt Android), all of which is, he contends, the result of his (Tyler) having lorded over his sister (Tayler) having been born 4.32 minutes before, a fact for which she has never forgiven him these last 36 years.

Rebbecca RosensternI Ain't Yo' Challaback Girl: Pop Music, Judaica, and Foodie Culture, a Seder
by Rebbecca Rosenstern

Equally as tasty as Cziziwietz-Cziziwietz-Cupcake-Android-Android's presentation, but in a much more schmaltzy kind of way, Rosenstern did it all to a danceable beat, with just a hint of klezmer. The words were food for the intellect, but the ceremony was salve for the soul—or at least for the adult contemporary.

Wong JeremeePornado: 50 Shades of Middle America, or Bitchita Vortex Sutra
by Wong Jeremee

Jeremee's controversial paper brought all aspects of "beat" together and bound them into submission. The factor of red-state guilt as perversion-creation was both shocking and logical. We'll never look down on the flyover states in quite the same way again.

Hamar DagskøldPoorNATO: "Deciderness," Libya, and the Arab Spring: a Critical Mass
by Hamar Dagskøld

Use of traditional Catholic tropes only underscored the recent struggles for both relevancy and economic solvency for the post-war era's most famous of alliances. Certainty-as-sacrament can't stop people from self-determination, it turns out, no matter how we waffle, wafer, or wine.

Bubba SwopeInfo-Mercenary: Consumer Culture as Targeted Killing
by Bubba Swope

Swope's sweep of the whole room with a laser sight only reinforced the notion that we're all in the bullseye. Every time you swipe your card, a little bit of you dies.

Papers, Part 4