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The Mainly Annual
EastWesterly Review/Postmodern Village
17th Annual

Dick O'ReillyThe ButterSoft Edges of Dang: Ambiguity and Uncertainty in the Pursuit of Fuzzy Linguistics and the Study of Near-Profanity, a User's Guide and 3D Visual Primer
by Dick O'Reilly

This might have been the most impressive of the presentations this year, wowing even Avatar-weary watchers with its arithmetic complexities. But, dagnabit! Is it even relevant in the age of Supreme-Court protected "fleeting expletives," when even good, Christian boys like Bono have us all asking "I know about Miss Jackson (since I'm nasty), but godurn, man, U2?"

Melanie GibsonSilvio Burlesqueoni: Leadership and the Ritual of Scandal, a Sourcebook
by Melanie Gibson

Gibson explores the notion that, rather than being destructive to a future leader, scandal is an absolute necessity, humanizing the otherwise inhumane (which is the other necessity of leadership, somewhat paradoxically). Thus we should all know what our VIPs look like in their BVDs. It worked great for Slick Willie and for the (en)titled Italian PM, but why can't Sanford, Edwards, and Gore ride the salacious rocket back into our hearts? Gibson's otherwise helpful tear-out worksheets simply don't tell you when you've gone too far.

Ingrid IngmarssonRoxette Psychology: The Cerebral Semiotics of "The Sign," a Punbook in 33 Flavors
by Ingrid Ingmarsson

It opined up my mime.

William TazerEnGland: a Polyp on the EU, or Poundwise and Eurofoolish – What's the Currency, Kenneth?
by William Tazer

The Brits are ambiguous about their relationship with the Continent—always have been. But is their intransigence to fully join an oddly hormonal shock to the system, the stimulus the EU needs to finally succeed? Tazer's conclusions aren't conclusive, but they grow on you slowly, and will do little to tarnish his sterling reputation.

D. Cameron LehmanAlistair Darling: High Finance, Reality TV and Corporate Love, or What The Bachelor can Teach Us about the Great Recession, a Guidebook in C
by D. Cameron Lehman

// function example
#include <iostream>





O'Dowd GeorgensenM. Karma Chameleon: Cross-Dressing and the Aesthetics of Terror, a Dance Step Diagram
by O'Dowd Georgensen

Who knew Ward Churchill's chickens would be doing a two-step when they came home to roost?

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