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The Mainly Annual
EastWesterly Review/Postmodern Village
17th Annual

Princess PiëchIn Wii Know Veritas: Cultural Connectivity and Nintendo's New World Odor
by Princess Piëch

The global reach of the networked game console has brought together people who might otherwise not interact, revealing our ignorance of one another, Piëch contends. This is good, but we're also wasting so much time gaming that we fail to bathe. Is body funk the price of world peace? I can think of worse. One day, maybe, we'll all be judged by our ability to virtually bowl and not by the color of our pasty, smelly, adipose-tissue-covering skin.

Vaughn Dutch PrudhommeSeuss, Foose, and the Little G-Body: Imagination, Extremes, and the Redefinition of the Possible in Automotive Customization
by Vaughn Dutch Prudhomme

Who knew the Swiss were crazy for Corvettes and that the Germans and French get off on old American muscle cars? The attendance for this single presentation, and the resulting burnout contest, came close to violating Switzerland's strict noise regulations—and the border was 40 kilometers away! Still, I'm not sure the Crunk Car should have steered quite so hip-hop.

Guy F. TroufflesAbout d' Souffle: Down Home Cookin', New Wave Style
by Guy F. Trouffles

For the record? Grainy, jump-cut-laden photography of food preparation just made us all a little nauseated, not salivatingly hungry. But you know, the ribs wuz genius.

Chimay PassendaleThe Rind of the Ancient Mariner: Encompassment and Encrustation, the Classics as Organic Cultural Infrastructure
by Char T. Ruse

Rather than being moldy oldies, the classics permeate a culture through a sort of active aging process, making us actually sharper and more pungent as a strain of beings. They make us older, sure, but also more green. It's a Calvinoesque idea, but one finds it better served with the traditional host of crackers and wine.

Hanisch PaulinGrudge Holders: Tea Party Activism, Bitter White Men and the (All-Too) Personal Politics of Post-Feminism
by Hanisch Paulin

Paulin's idea that the Southern Strategy led to a bunch of rednecks feeling like they were victims of a broken promise still doesn't explain how they're anything other than bigots.

H. Wood CarverConocotation: What We Mean When We Lie About Oil: a Revelation in Tainted Gulf
by H. Wood Carver

The churning tub of unguent saltwater on the podium began to stink like sulfur as Carver analyzed the terms "spill," "accident," "drill," "energy independence," and "get my life back." If you're not yet convinced that petrol is the devil's fuel, perhaps you've never been one of the "small people." As the efficiency champ of its era advertised, "small is beautiful."

Char T. RuseAubergenies: Pop Culture and the Magical Tyranny of Pantone
by Char T. Ruse

If you were wondering how suddenly all the colors of everything changed from year to year, Ruse provides an answer, albeit one that defies traditional rationality. But then, what is fashion if not the magical thinking that says looking good is tantamount to being good? That notion and an avocado green refrigerator will preternaturally dispel an entire room of HGTV designers, so maybe she's not all wrong.

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