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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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The Mainly Annual
EastWesterly Review/Postmodern Village
15th Annual

Francine DuBoisA Gluten for Prunishness: the Dried Plum Multigrain Muffin and the Aging of the Hip
by Francine DuBois

DuBois explicates the semiotics of pastry to denote what the geriatric future has in store for the rest of us. As Boomers follow Sally Field into a collective anxiety over osteoporosis, Mrs. Fields responds, and along with snacking healthy a shift in the language of aging. Prunes are out; now they're "sun-dried plums." No more dottering dotage shall we have, but whole-grain-fueled "active aging" is the new regularity. And honestly, they aren't that bad—slathered in butter and washed down with a double cappuccino.

E.Z. ReederCross-Noun Traffic: When Everything Becomes a Promotion for Everything Else, the Tyranny of Marketing-as-Content (Delivering Generation Next)
by E.Z. Reeder

Beyond text and meaning, those ugly, value-laden notions of a long, dull time past, there exists a land of pure forms, of the perfection that is continual promotion. Reeder's presentation made this future, to which we're hurling at acephalic speed, seem somewhat jazzy and--dare I say it?--hip. If, that is, those very demarcations don't break the new word order.

1337m337LAN Snark; Emoticons, Sarcasm, and the Art of the Flame
by 1337m337


TB BarkerEzra Pound Puppies: Modernist Poetry and the Promotion of the ASPCA
by TB Barker

Barker's idea that Modernism has ushered in the age of animal rights, if not that of our responsibility to other species, is belied by the fact that her main source was a notorious fascist who didn't really believe in rights as such at all. But we all had a good time playing with the little kitties and puppies and rolling around on the floor of the station on the Metro.

Amos FieldsEzra Pound Cake: Density, Dessert as Intertextuality
By Amos Fields

In the session's tastiest session, Fields deconstructed (literally, not in that theoretical sense all the theorists do--Fields used a fork) his own family's tiramisu adaptation to explain the literary significance of each ingredient. With Columbian coffee, Italian mascarpone, Spanish sherry, African cocoa and Wisconsin cream, each brings its own margarinalization. We all forgot what the peppernuts represent.

Wolf KristolwitzEzra Pound Sterling: Global Capitalism Post-Value, the Cantos as Economic Theory
by Wolf Kristolwitz

Unlike Baker's attempt to link the ASPCA with high-Modernist leanings, Kristolwitz seems to actually be on to something. By scanning Pound's epic work into a computer program able to make global searches for economically-charged language, Kristolwitz discovered a hidden virtual model of the Federal Reserve. The rest is algorithmic, but Bernanke had better take notice.

Woody ChamberloinSpitzer, Blitzer and the Titzer in New York: the Mediateazation of Scandal, or Media Buzz as Backroom Business Model, a Manifesto
by Woody Chamberloin

With the FCC clamping down on the made-up naughty of Timberlake and Jackson, TV is turning to the "safer" realms of the "real-life" salacious scandal. If it really happened, so says Chamberloin, how can the feds deny the networks' right to stiffen our resolve against such abuses of the pubic trust? It's always tit-for-tax in America's battle to clean up the airwaves, but Alexandra Dupre being brought on to serenade us, while a conference coup, forces we conferees to call her to please not quit her night job.

DBN MondrackThe LINUX Round Table Discussion with Charo: Hot Tub Humor Meets High-Tech Insurrection on the High C(++)
by DBN Mondrack

The exciting thing about being logged on to The Well back in the '80s was that nobody knew about it; we were all equally geeky and therefore we could be intimate as well. To be among one's own is to be liberated, and the hottest thing going in the land of the geek these days is LINUX: freeing, wonkish, and dorky-sexy-cool. His link to the hot-tub swinging culture is a splash of pure genius, though, as well as the "coochie-coochie" of his special guest. Not pleased with mere critique, Mondrack hacks culture.

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