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Postmodern Village
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The Mainly Annual
EastWesterly Review/Postmodern Village
12th Annual

Papers on Gender and Sexuality

Mary Chino CherryBitch-So-Soft: From Inner-City Crack-Whore to Pretty Woman, the Amelioration of Harlotry in the Golden Age of “Ho”mance
by Mary Chino Cherry

Our femynyst sensibilities are all with empowering the oppressed sex workers, but Cherry’s “early-meat-market” presentation left us gasping. Can kitsch and schlock save a movement that Cixous and Kristeva couldn’t? Have we traded Holy-womb theory for the Hollywoo(ed) diva-eyed and conquer? If this is progress, we’ll take shrill.

2-Ring Shaku-Ring and Bob R. BuckTrashBot Horny: Paranoia as Prophecy
by 2-Ring Shaku-Ring and Bob R. Buck

Now we know why we always thought those role-playing guys were weird: they are weird. It may have been a good paper, too, if not for the fact that it degenerated into die rolling to determine if various characters could “make it” with the “Sexbot.” Oh, no, sorry: that was the paper.

Libby R. AchayFrom The Fairie Queene to Dairy Queen: Spenser and the Retailing of the Gay Agenda
by Libby R. Achay

With the advent of Out and The Advocate and, less interestingly, the blinding success of Will and Grace, Bravo, and Tom Cruise, gay has never been so much a synonym for “happy” - at least if you’re in advertising. The homosexual subtext of the Peanut Buster Parfait™ was lost on me, but the Redcrosse Knight as a purveyor of a “rough trade” form of justice makes me wonder if maybe Judas was just another spurned lover.

Homer Ray Miltone and Stevie Ray CharlesHelen Gurley Keller: Sex and the Single Blind Girl: Lessons I Learned at the Water Pump
by Homer Ray Miltone and Stevie Ray Charles

Liberation has never felt so wet and love never so lost and insensate. What’s the sign for “you go, girl” in ASL?

Barbara Millicent RobertsBunny had a Bad Day: Playboy, Profits, and the Proliferation of Plastic Tits, or The Girl Next Door Meets Modern CosMedicine
by Barbara Millicent Roberts

As the Cult of the Gynuine continues to deteriorate, our idea of what a “real” womyn may be disintegrates into a miasma of stitches and silicone. But Roberts doesn’t go far enough: the Beauty Myth is no more a locked box: it’s now po-mo torture chamber bent on fem dis-member-men-t. This is male fantasy as in-human-ity. The Botox shot demonstration must have been pricey: next time, she should save her cash for a new pink Corvette–or better yet, donate it to a battered womyn’s dream shelter.

The Fellatio Ratio: Male Measurement as Projection in Moby Dick
by William Stamen

A “hump like a snowhill”? A “peg leg”? Fiction is wish-fulfillment, and for these beggars, that’s all they’ve got to ride. Stamen gives new meaning to “bibliophile” - though we question his units, but then meters are not our métier.


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