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The Mainly Annual
EastWesterly Review/Postmodern Village
12th Annual

“So You Guys DO Still Talk About Theory”

Jonathan Bunion SegalPinworms’ Perspectives: Segmented Biological Systems as Oppositional Text
by Jonathan Bunion Segal

If you think you’re Othered now, just try being a universal term of contempt. Segal sets up a believable implied hierarchy swinging from lay Darwinism to the Lay’s chip company’s fight against the “pest” called the potato borer. As much as we agreed, we were a bit put off by the take home grow-your-own-parasite kits. Maybe the world isn’t ready for infection as hobby.

LitCrit Monkeyshit: Theory as Fecal Projectile
by Zaius C. Heston

We’d think it was mere sour grapes - if not a sour stomach - but no one stuck around for the actual presentation after the chimp went crazy with the olfactory examples, smashing the panopticon in the process. Australian authorities were later seen sealing off the area with red biohazard tape. But the chimp and I enjoyed a great conversation that evening over cocktails about opposition, empowerment, and evolution.

Tammy O. Shanter“Head” Gear: Haberdashery and the Ethos of Freud from Chaucer to D.H. Lawrence
by Tammy O. Shanter

I’ll never look at a knit cap the same again. But that 10-gallon the president wears? Wonder what he’s covering for . . .

Susan Sun-DayDerridead: the Collapse of the Collapse of the Collapse of Literature, or How Both/And is Now Either/Or, or Vive La Differance
by Susan Sun-Day

Both celebration and funeral service, both lamentation and crass media opportunity, the only thing missing was the great theorist himself. The whole-wheat grammatology-puffs were to die for.

Nigella RathbunsSherlock Holmes and Gargoyles: Gothic Gardening as Lacanian Anti-Text
by Nigella Rathbuns

Rathbuns, [m]other of all things architecturally self, made us all feel so loved we just wanted to get lost in the encompassing matrix of her soothingly-voiced paper. The Bauhaus audio clip brought us back and helped us keep abreast of this Hot Topic.

Lawrence Liverpool HanibalidadGoing Back to Carthage: Retro as Hermeneutical Contiguity
by Lawrence Liverpool Hanibalidad

A prominent archeologist and Beatles fan, Hanibalidad managed to show, through a combination of deconstruction of ancient texts and astral projection, that retro was always hip, even before there was one, even as evidence of Carthaginian moonboots suggest. The continual recycling of pop culture keeps us in touch with our pasts, argues Hanibalidad, though one wonders if perhaps the vintage tabs of acid used to “enhance” the paper’s presentation had lost a bit of their potency: after an hour-and-a-half I was still unable to “dig the Phoenician groove, man.” Dido, Dido, it’s off to now we go.

Umbrellas from the Bronze Age: Raingear as Proto-Subversive Countertext
by Stephen J. Cherbourg

The theory is sound, but the propriety of rubberized pants in a place so full of dirt is questionable.


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