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The Mainly Annual
EastWesterly Review/Postmodern Village
12th Annual

Papers on Religion and Belief

Ty DiebollP.B. WombatThe Crap of God: Divine Punishment as California Mudslide, or Pat Robertson as Accidental Postmodern Scion
by P.B. Wombat and Ty Dieboll

Eschatology met scatology in this interactive presentation of Wombat and Dieboll’s moving paper. The actual rain around the presentation tents got things flowing, but a (simulated) feces projecting satellite uplink dish filled us with the spirit. A planned live interview with Robertson himself was canceled when he learned we were all academics.

Mittens DuBois-DuganSatan Was My Bridegroom: the Emergent Countermovement for Christian Porn
by Mittens DuBois-Dugan

We knew that Sodom and Gomorrah had a bit o’ the naughty in them, but Mittens too? All this time we thought those Bible study groups were really studying the Bible, but it turns out they were looking at nudie pics too. Ms. DuBois-Dugan exposes (ahem) the steamy side of Christianity with the “for procreational use only” marital aids and movies that she now sells at her Bible study group.

Robert N. SatchelGeodesic Jesus: the Soteriology of Buckminster Fuller in the Era of the MegaChurch, or God Bless My Buckyballs!
by Robert N. Satchel

Bruised Christian progressives and reasonable “blue state” people everywhere have long tried to explain the alarming boom of charismatic, theologically retrograde megachurches using everything from demographics to the sociology of spiritualism. But Satchel’s contention that the Religious Right owes as much to New Age architectural voodoo as to its reliance on catchy Christian Rock tunes implies a deal with the devil that makes our twinkling neopagan toes tingle. Geodesic Jesus meets Pyramid Power meets The da Vinci Code, and James Dobson loses. Now how can we channel all those energy beams into getting the fundies to unelect Bush? Perhaps it will happen about the same time our collective wills will successfully raise the Pentagon.

C. OrgwayBetter Holmes and Gardens: How Scientology has Improved the Breed, or Celebrity Sperm and the Salvation of the “Cruise Missile”
by C. Orgway

The sexually ambiguous Orgway had a hard time convincing us Scientology skeptics that the Top Gun’s erratic behavior of late is just a ploy to drill a crop of higher quality Hollywood types. But we did sign up for the free “personality tests.” What harm could it do?


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