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With the Ease of Dew
by Francine DuBois

With the ease and
Frequency of dew,
She selects a new lover.

It always goes like this:
She never truly breaks ties,
But simply lets the old guy linger

In the shadows of the bedroom
While the new one waits in the
Kitchen. When it's time, they'll

Switch. She's always been fond
Of it, claiming she wants one man
To live with and another to sleep with;

One man to cook for, one man to fuck for;
One man to be Martha Stewart for,
One man to be Jenna Jameson for;

But she could never reconcile the two,
Never understand how the clean, crisp Martha
Could get dirty, slimy, gooey even in those

Freshly-starched lemon yellow sheets.
She could never imagine anyone getting laid
In those sunny sheets, much less enjoying it.

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