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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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Everything Morrissey predicted in the '80s is coming true
by Francine DuBois

A sad factor widely known
How a most impassionate song
To a lonely soul
Is so easily outgrown
. . .
And when you're dancing and laughing
And finally living
Hear my voice in your head
And think of me kindly
Do you
Love me like you used to?
- "Rubber Ring," Louder Than Bombs, The Smiths (lyrics by Morrissey, 1987)

I came to you late in life,
Yet our eleven years together feels like twenty.
Don't get that look on your face -- I'm not complaining.
It's just that, well, things change.
You know this.

Even you and Johnny Marr couldn't stay together forever.

Yes, I still love you, but the poster has come down.
I still own it, but I'm not a teenager anymore:
I'm not searching for idols, I'm not searching for someone else's emotions
To read so I can say, "See, I'm not alone. He's miserable too!
It's not even just a girl thing!"

I had my Sylvia Plath, I had my Morrissey, I had my lunch box
And I was armed real well. I muttered "take me anywhere, I don't care,
I don't care, I don't care . . . " more times than I can remember.

But you still matter. You're still a part of my life.

My boyfriend's cell phone plays "Girlfriend in a Coma" when I call. How does that make you feel?


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