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Take2: Haiku (Issue 12)
By Francine DuBois

1. "Brainwashee" or "Brainwashor"? Which one are you?

When was the last time
You had original thoughts?
(I mean, are you sure?)

2. I've lost my social sparkle.

Suddenly, all turned
Dim, like someone turned off the
Lights in Gatsby's place.

3. Downgrading on elevated uncertainty

Can you give the stock
Market Viagra? I could
Use a pick-me-up.

4. You haven't annoyed me yet, so I wouldn't worry about it.

And there it hangs -- yet.
(Waiting for the other shoe
To drop -- with a bang.)

5. Breaker, breaker 1-9

They say "Convoy" is
Responsible for it all --
Well, Shatner at least.

6. Adequacy is the challenge.

To aim for greatness
Gets you maimed in the court
Of public opinion.

7. Singles Swap Meet

Take one down, pass her
Around, ninety-nine bottled
Drugged blondes on the ground.

The bar oozes regret,
Anticipation, and hope --
Who'll get a raw deal?

8. She only comes home to change her clothes . . . and fellas.

If only people
Were more like Garanimals,
Life would be simple.

9. Richard, you are British and the sea is in your blood.

Son of a thousand
Marlowes, the sea weaves itself
Through his craggy veins.

10. The female chimp forages alone.

In plum blossom clouds
The fisherman's wife finds a
Pint of Haagen-Daas.