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To Sleep / From Order Each One
By William Wordsworth and the EastWestern University Dada Cluster

The EastWestern University Dada Cluster is a society dedicated to using Microsoft Office®'s built-in dictionary and grammar checkers to correct works of literature. It has also been charged with using Babelfish to translate works of literature into foreign languages and back again.

[ Excerpt from original -> Autocorrected by Microsoft Word 2007 -> Korean -> English -> Korean -> English]

New Version

O is mild and sleeps!
where In compliance with from thee which thing belongs?
Who which amnesia shines permission the people?

The pigeon like cherishing, mildness are from,
Thou dost loves to sit, freedom [lop] positively,
fades, the prison.

Annoying night, O sleep!
Thou coming to me of the misconduct scope
which is artistic and enforcement
and from rivulet where injures and
under to be fretful
entering in order to get
in order to make up of now
from the water which does doth,
in the now mockery which stimulates.

I know and [iss] who is the pain which demands a patience,
in order to come and go intelligence i am not;
Therefore range passes and the family makes,
with only the child and:
Adapts to a suitability and the which thing
where AM is reconciled in AM that place order as will be thee
Well, respects an attempt but until now was satisfactory:

O is mild the creature!
which This together,
which thing which does not use me,
the depth which 1 hours do
low price but inside.

Original Poem

O GENTLE SLEEP! do they belong to thee,
These twinklings of oblivion? Thou dost love
To sit in meekness, like the brooding Dove,
A captive never wishing to be free.
This tiresome night, O Sleep! thou art to me
A Fly, that up and down himself doth shove
Upon a fretful rivulet, now above
Now on the water vexed with mockery.
I have no pain that calls for patience, no;
Hence am I cross and peevish as a child:
Am pleased by fits to have thee for my foe,
Yet ever willing to be reconciled:
O gentle Creature! do not use me so,
But once and deeply let me be beguiled.

As found at http://www.bartleby.com/145/ww320.html