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Sarah Palin Gathers Her Thoughts As the Campaign Ends: A Sestina
by Elmer Glengergleng

This could be the biggest night of my life,
As we launch the next four years, you betcha
Of campaignin' and runnin' on reform.
Oh, God, open that door, 'cause the people---
They need me, want me, yearn for a maverick.
See, John McCain was just too mainstream.

They were all out to get me, those mainstream
Media outlets, but I gave them life.
"Who knows what she'll say next? She's so maverick!"
I know what they thought of me, you betcha.
But there are some pretty bitter people
In the media elite and reform

Is coming. I gotta clean up that mess, reform
The airwaves, and so much else, like the mainstream
Culture itself. When I'm president, people
Are gonna have the choice to respect life,
Like my Bristol had choices, you betcha.
But thank the heavens she is no maverick

And is keepin' her baby, namin' it Maverick
(After Top Gun) though I'm sure it'll reform
Her. My kids are off limits, you betcha.
My family is not out of the mainstream.
I used to have such a simple, blah life.
But then I got John's phone call. People

All over the nation need me. People
Are hungry for a female, tough maverick
And for them I would give my daughter's life.
Have I mentioned the need for reform?
We need to get success stories to the mainstream
About the surge. It really worked, you betcha.

And TAXES! They'll kill you, you betcha!
He pals around with terrorists, people!
His beliefs are far outside the mainstream!
Listen to me, folks! I'm the real maverick!
When it comes to ethics, I know reform!
Let's chant--drill, baby, drill! Culture of life!

All I want in life is more, you betcha--
More reform for you, my fans, my people.
I am your maverick, your messiah, your mainstream.