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Found Review: Why I Love Barely Legal
by Anonymous

In today's complex society, it is harder and harder every day to find something thats simple. Take porn. You got you're pro you're pro-am you're amature you homemade webcam cockteazes. You got you're old school playboy and pent house and husler and biker sluts and bucake (oh and
you're asian and you chocolate mamaz and you're fetish and you're 3-ways and you-re bbw and of course lesbians.) But if you want to talk about something thats pure and simple porn you dont need to look no farther than you're barely legal.

All the other kinds are a little of this and a little of that. I mean if its asian, is it asian 3-ways or asian bbw or asian jugs or asian biker slut lesbians. I think you see what I mean.

But if you got barely legal you know them girls is just turned 18 and there stripping it on down and maybe even doing anal. Maybe 20 tops. Its that simple. There are no grannys or bbw or other stuff, because its barely legal.

Some people argue that barely legal should be illegal. But thats a phallusy because it is legal and thats the point. Its legal...........but just barely! Thats why its the youngest girls. If they were any younger theid be jail bait. But there not. Some people dont understand barely I think.

Another reason barely legal is the best is because the chicks are the hottest. Girls go downhill fast. I mean really fast sometimes. There breasts get all saggy and if the had a kid they get all stretched out (un less they got a see section but then they got a big scar and they cant be clean shaven). Buy the time these girls are 25 there careers are tanta mount to over. So really the barely legals are more feminist for the girls because they get a longer career like if some body went straight into the NBA out a high school. They could be MILFS I guess though. Thats almost as pure and simple as barely legal, but its kinda gross because if there not saggy their fake and sometimes you can see the scars. But some of them are still hot.

In old school porn the girls did not smile to much because they were being exploited. They were always pouting like they where about to cry. Thats called sexism and its really wrong. Its when patriotic society doesn't respect women and pay them enough when they put out. But in modern times conscience is rising about that and barely legal magazines and videos pay more and some even have chicks working their...................and not just taking off there close. I think thats why there always smiling because they can paddle the puppy and get paid a lot of money to do it. And were happy and there happy. Its pure and simple.

Another thing about barely legal is that its a clever word because the girls get naked and its bare-ly legal get it. Thats how I know that its smareter than any other kind of porn. They dont even try to be smart. Like playboy. Whats so clever about that. They never show any playing and it isnt boys. In conclusion let me say that barely legal is simple and smart and not sexist.