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2017 Postmodern Village Conference

Dale CarlyburgShy-Town: Introversion, Extra-versions, and Rahm Emanuelization, or On Laying Low in the City of Big Shoulders
by Dale Carlyburg

Another in our Appearances track, Carlyburg lays out how the loudmouths and Type-A personalities dominate the American context, and how the little people survive amidst the big town hustle. It’s a deep-dish serving of dogged determination that gets us through.

Gertrude SixtozeTS Fitzgerald: Modernism, Lost Generations, and Drinking Through the Jazz Age, a PostMordor in a Wasted Land
by Gertrude Sixtoze

Sixtoze spared us the cocktails for something a bit deeper: the use of booze as metaphor and Romanticism as coping mechanism in the bleary years after all the parties ended and world turned inexorably toward war.

TC ChuchuTrans Mission Impossible: Tom Cruise, Ted Cruz, Tim Curry, and the Making of Post-Modern Gender Identities
by TC Chuchu

You’ve heard the rumors, but Chuchu’s use of action movie tropes to out just how fluid our notions of gender have become had us exploding with joy: the flames of shoot-’em-up blockbusters hide but suggest a flamboyant side to every adolescent fantasy.

Sgt. Squire BoggsBoehner Fide-lis: Loyaly, Authenticity, and the Marine Corpus of the GOP, a Congressional Briefing Paper
by Sgt. Squire Boggs

Steeped in the stultifying language of officialdom, Boggs’ presentation seemed to leak a latent and unhandleable truth: it’s less about ideology and more about line-toeing for the Republican base. Yet they all believe they’re warriors beneath the tasseled loafers and the brass-buttoned blue blazers.

Sugarpuss BarbancourtThe Rime of the Ancient Grand Marnier: Albatrosses, Alcohol, and Altered States, or the Literary Legacy of the Triangular Trade, a South Seas Story in Seven Slavers
by Sugarpuss Barbancourt

The Drinking track was busy this year, showing a convergence of lit-crit and liquor that, frankly, we always knew was all but inevitable. Barbancourt’s addition brought the high-seas story into high relief: millions faced shackles so these stories could be told, so the leisured classes could remain as drunk as lords, and so poets could project their minds across the waves and into new worlds.

Meowgan Dorfer Sans[Sic] Sad World: Typo(s)graphy, Social Media, and Feminine Expression in a Post-Daria Generation
by Meowgan Dorfer Sans

Remember sign painters? Yeah, no one does. But with verbs emblazoned on home walls (“LIVE! LAUGH!”) in fancy lettering, we’ve all witnessed yet another art form stolen from individual, often female, artisans (the “Janes”) and exploited by industrial outfits so “the Quinns” of the world will spend their money at Hobby Lobby. (Only people who don’t have time for their family use block lettering on their walls. You love your family, right? RIGHT?)

Johann Manxbone von ChartrauxThe New Reading Comprehension: EULAs, Reality TV and Other Faustian Agreements
by Johann Manxbone von Chartraux

Von Chartraux proved his point a little too well by tricking us all into signing non-disclosure agreements, but I’ve said too much already.


RatsAs is always right for conference follow-up, we declare the PostModern Village Conference 2017 a rousing success!

Conference materials, at least the electronic ones, will be available for conference goers online soon, and voting for next year’s venue, academic tracks, and theme will be part of the inevitable Survey Monkey to follow.