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James Schlessinger RoamerMetacognition as Meatpie: Sweeney Todd, Self-Reflection, and Self-Help, a Personal Journey Through the Cannibalistic Cabal
by James Schlessinger Roamer

Even in the era of apps, listicles, and You-Tubed TED talks rocking our worlds toward more mindfulness, simplification, and prosperity, the self-help book persists as a popular form. Roamer explains how all this inward-looking leads us to eat ourselves—figuratively speaking, of course. But we still didn’t partake of the free samples.


Redmond NutellaWinTen: the End of Software and the Beginning of Sophocles, Transitions in Transhistoricism
by Redmond Nutella

We’re still not sure what all this means, but the chorus did have a habit of crashing unexpectedly, and the whole thing, as unwieldy as it was, had an air of the inevitable. I suppose Nutella’s case was made as Purewater University IT pushed out the new patch to all of our laptops right as he was wrapping up.

Anna BlakeElectra Complex in Blue: IBM, Freud, and the Mythopoetics of Policing The Cloud
by Anna Blake

If you thought the World Wide Web was version 2.0 of the wild, wild west, then you never came to terms with The Cloud, a concept so vague as to be difficult to explain even by those who purport to work there. But this rising daughter threatens to destroy its mother to reinforce the patriarchal private sector. Can lone rangers on the new information super toll road bring the law to this new land?


Carrie R. LaugherRationalism, Reaganomics, and Rousseau: Rejecting the Rational Actor as Post-Positivist Performance Art
by Carrie R. Laugher

Laugher's deeply associative dance routine reminded us of the exigencies of the exchange-based values system in a both noble and a savage way. Truly, the free market is an economy of blood, and we were covered in it as we walked back into TEC's cracked and stinking hallways.

Peter Thomas GacyMurder as Memoir: Writing in Blood and the Annals of the Forensic Files, a Recollection
by Peter Thomas Gacy

Mostly a series of television-induced flashbacks, this presentation nonetheless put a human face on polymerase chain reactions and channeling, tunneling electron microscopy. We'll forgive the lack of academic rigor for the sake of the cool, DNA-filled test tubes Gacy gave out at the end. I mean, nobody should worry about getting those through airport security, right?

Plugra RougeThe Butter Angles of Our Natures: Foodie-ism, Friedrich Engels, and the State Fair, a Sculpture Garden
by Plugra Rouge

The technical challenges of chilling the entire room with windows as old and unsealed as TEC's were well worth a walk through a gallery juxtaposing Leon Trotsky and Emeril Lagasse, Rachael Ray, and Terry Eagleton. Slice off a pat for your English muffin—we promise no domino effect with your heapin' helpin' of dialectical materialism.

Presentations, Part 2