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2015 (Inter)National
Postmodern Village Conference
and Innovation Symposium

Lars BalzacTingleberry Crunch: Modern Marketing and Scrotology: a Digital Inquiry in Electronic Transduction
by Lars Balzac

The brilliance of Balzac's thesis had us by the short-hairs, but we could have done without the live demonstration aspect.


Vince MichaelsDebtor's Poison: Neoliberalism, Glam Rock, and the CDO, a Textual Analysis and Power Ballad
by Vince Michaels

It seems like we will never be free of the complex financial instruments that collapsed the world economy in 2008, but if Michaels is to be believed, CDOs and such are the inevitable offspring of an era in which rock turned from a footing of rebellion and revolution to one of radical, if irrational, self-interest, spurring an entire generation to wail "talk spreadsheet to me!"

Eddie NeumannLift and Separate: Neoconservatism and Segregation, an Occupation of #alllivesmatter
by Phillip Chrystal

Chrystal reveals, here, how the faux inclusiveness of #alllivesmatter is just another example of hegemonic appropriation and Neocon cultural jujitsu, grinding the positionality of reality into the tepid, exurban mush of the David Brooks set. A colorblind society can never see its way to justice.

Angelica EastwickJohn Upchuck: Regurgitating Rabbit, a Bulimic's Guide to Interpreting Updike
by Angelica Eastwick

Eastwick's willingness to self-disclose is only icing on this cake: Updike's work has been accused of many things, but its casual sexism has never before been likened so cogently to empty calories, the gut-rot we gorged on while Nixon lied and Asia burned, with a subsequent purgation both necessary and demonstrative of the dangerous austerity to come.

Terry KorriganAlan Chews: God, Gum, Guts, and the Contemporary Short Story, a Public Radio Revision
by Terry Korrigan

Korrigan gives us a lot to ruminate on here, but the idea that public radio is the realm of the edgy-made-palatable for the mildly liberal masses passes as spot-on to us. Neutral Pabulum Radio, anyone?

Isely SweatWhite House Teeth: Zadie Smith, Cultural Appropriation, and the Obama Administration, a Deconstruction in Slow Jam
by Isely Sweat

We don't know if it's just that the tune was so smooth or if Sweat really had a point to make, but we're sure that the recent Blackification of Obama sure has allowed a whole lot of nasty stuff to go down. The slow hand of drone strikes kind of get lost when we're too busy grooving to the slow jam of the "No Drama" aura—until BAM! The whole damn Middle East is pregnant with the next generation of violent jihad.

Vladimir PageThomas, a Beckett: a Tank Engine Waits for Godot, or Martyrdom in the Age of the Self-Driving Car
by Vladimir Page

Page presents a dystopian reimagining of a children's contemporary classic, with cute engines repurposed as autonomous vehicles, forced forever to do the bidding of their Bay Area overlords and sacrificed to the illusion of freedom illogically bound up in a gridlocked system calling out for the simple truths of public transportation.

Pitches, Part 3