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The Mainly Annual
Postmodern Village Conference
and Techno Petting Zoo

Stuart R. SkolnikovGrime and Tarnishment: Heloise as Dostoevskian Anti-Hero, a Column in Many Hints
by Stuart R. Skolnikov

Why is it that our needs and our resourcefulness are at such constant odds with our morality and our sense of trust? We may grant ourselves the grace to be sloppy and wrong, or we may petition the broadcast gods for passage from our household iniquity, but to judge these actions, Skolnikov reminds us, is to scrub the positionality from our paucity of being.

Chely Saw-SureKD Langue: Lesbian Alt Country as Semiological System, a Jam Session
by Chely Saw-Sure

Saw-Sure, playing the saw, assured us of the intersectionality of the down-home, reifying in four bars the harmony of the sign.

Cassidy Kipp-LyngJa Rule Britannia: Rap as Reverse Colonization in the Post-Thatcher World
by Cassidy Kipp-Lyng

Despite the talent of Dizzee Rascal, The Streets and others, Britian's grime movement never swept the world. However, this summer's song worldwide is Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" (don't make us count how many times we heard trance versions of this) -- an Australian woman who perfected her hiphop skillz in the southern United States. Come on, India and Canada: get busy for your entry next summer.

Guido StollLogins and Masina: High Techspectations as Fellini-esque Anxiety, or the Heroine of Late Adoption
by Guido Stoll

"Those also serve who wait to buy," perhaps Milton might have said if faced with the current treadmill of technology upon which so many exhaust themselves for gains so few. Sure, you may have an app for that, but the late-adopter, argues Stoll, has a memory and an imagination, a dream without a dying battery, embracing life.

He's alright; don't nobody worry 'bout him.

Sergey PageGreat Techspextations: Google Glass as Dickensian Plot-Twist
by Sergey Page

Visionary products are presaged by narrative complexity, says Page. This results from an overlaying of the history of the real with history discovered through our interactions, a linguistic palimpsest. The really real has always been the virtual, it seems, and virtual the unexpected: deus ex technica.

Ayb Abtu-ReichOliver Plot-Twist, or All Your Dickens Are Belong to Us: the Contemporary Narrative as Feedback Loop
by Ayb Abtu-Reich

If you think you've heard this before, you're probably right: experience is iterative, argues Abtu-Reich, the reminder of the leitmotifs of living through the storytelling medium. Or, we may be Memorex.

The DamageAs Ibiza is used to handling behavior much worse than academics can typically mete out, there were no arrests. The number of personal injuries, however, at 30, was a new record. Contusions, slips and falls, and one second-degree burn have all been added to this year's spreadsheet.

This character-building experience will be used to create energy for next year's batch of papers, no doubt, and there are certain advantages to a setting so crisis-informed. However, the chemical and noise sensitive among us might prefer the disadvantages of more bucolic surroundings.

No matter what the executive committee decides, we shall move forward, grant-proposals in mind, aching heads in hand.

For Postmodern Village,
E.W. Wilder