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Postmodern Village
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The Mainly Annual
EastWesterly Review/Postmodern Village
19th Annual

Sonny Stittius, Jr. Harry Truman Belafonte, on Bombing the Banana Boat, or How Cold War Colonialism Led to Latin Jazz and Revolutionized American Life
by Sonny Stittius, Jr.

Even more convincing than his post-colonial narratology was Stittius's catchy island beat. We're still sleeping off the rum-drunk.

Perry “Dick” StinsonHarry Truman Capote, or In Cold Fission: Mass Murder, the Atom Bomb, and the Mind of a Cold Warrior
by Perry “Dick” Stinson

The argument that one must, in some ways, have the mind of a mass-murderer in order to tolerate making the decision to use nuclear weapons seems commonplace post-Strangelove. But it should still send shockwaves through the citizens of the only nation ever to have actually done it. How able would you be to do the “necessary” thing when the jig is up and the buck stops?

Andrew W. IveyCalvin Coolio: Living in a Gangsta’s Paradise During the Boston Police Strike
by Andrew W. Ivey

We'll wait for the Weird Al parody.

Jim DavisCalvin Coolidge and Hobbes: Cartoonish, Short, Nasty, and Stuffed--the Perils and Politics of Doing Nothing
by Jim Davis

Famous for their activity in play and inventiveness in screwing off, beloved cartoon characters Calvin and Hobbes provide what might be called the best of leisure. But Davis warns of not merely practical but philosophical pitfalls of studied lassitude: to be laughed at from the other end of history's long lens.

Dee Dee TakeuchiWilliam Jefferson Least-Heat Sailor Moon: Blue Balls, Blue Highways, and the Republican Negaverse
by Dee Dee Takeuchi

Takeuchi's basic contention that the reason Republicans have been so angry since since the Clinton administration is that they're covering up how strong, powerful women make them think the wrong thing seems, in retrospect, almost too obvious. It needs not nearly so much evidence as she presents, through manga, here. But is this merely the influence of the GOP's rural, backwoods base or something closer to the heart of American thought?

Tito ClayAndrew Jackson 5, or I Want You Back: Proto-Populism in a Faux-to Populist Age
by Tito Clay

Before it all just got tragically weird, few could argue against the Jackson 5's popular appeal. This, Clay argues, forms the base of what true, non-Astroturfed populism ought to be: regular folks, through cheer, charm, talent, and mass appeal, pulling the nation joyously together. But we've too often seen the fate of such endeavors, and they wash up, bleached, broke, and twisted, in overdosed splendor on the elusive trail of always coming back.

Papers, Part 4