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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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The Mainly Annual
EastWesterly Review/Postmodern Village
18th Annual

Lou BatonCracking the Glass Debt Ceiling: Palin, Pop-itics and the Power of Prestige
by Lou Baton

If the locus of authority is in the position rather than the person, and the person in the position is a neo-con, faux-populist naif, a transvaluation takes place: power through intelligence and leadership is inverted, and the lower your IQ the higher you climb. The Peter Principle turns into an ethos here and shames us all.

Annie AuroraTake Me Home, Charlie Rose: Meaning, Epistemology, and the Art of the Interview in the Twitterfed Age
by Annie Aurora

If we base all of our knowledge of those all-important celebrities on Twitter, Aurora argues, we'll get the role models we deserve and the aspirations of ants. To illustrate her point, the presentation began on our phones and ended up with Aurora on the other end of a bare table in a dark room, talking to us.

Phillipe GarlitsChevelle No. 5: High Octane Meets Haute Couture, or Test Strips for the Drag Strip, a Man-ifestation of Man-ifold Marketing
by Phillipe Garlits

I've never come away from a presentation with more stickers from potential sponsors, but the point was well made: good marketing is relational. The perfume spritzers and the Sprint Series racers share the ability to bond with us in a split-second pass.

Michael Peter BastianichCalimarication: Squid, Squares, and Red Hot Chili Peppers
by Michael Peter Bastianich

What you got you gotta put it in your fryer!
What you got you gotta bread it up good now!
What you got you gotta fork it, put it in you!
Appetizers make the meal continue!

Del Shawn GrigoriMy Dinner with Dr. Dre: High Concept Hip-Hop and the Cinema of Cultural Dis-Course
By Del Shawn Grigori

Grigori filmed a candid dinner with Dr. Dre at a hip LA restaurant, where the conversation revolved from the lousy wait staff, headphones as status symbols, and life in 1980s Compton. From the audience, Hillary Hardcore remarked that it was "refreshing to see Dr. Dre do something without using Eminem as a crutch." (His name only came up 62 times.)

Panoptics, Ho!

Provided that Mayan calendrics prove wrong, we are confident next year will meet or exceed the scattered nature of this year's conference. This reporter isn't sure that that is such a bad thing: what better embodies the postmodern spirit than an indeterminate collection of notions at play, creating an ad hoc semiotics of meanings and meta-meanings, summing up a collective groan?

Perhaps a smoothie . . .