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The Mainly Annual
EastWesterly Review/Postmodern Village
18th Annual

Gordon GeewauJersey Schorr: Journalism, Integrity, and the Reality of Reality TV, an Enemies List
by Gordon Geewau

Relying on a simple reading of the paper would not have held Geewau in good stead. Film clips from Watergate coverage underscored the relatively genteel nature of state paranoia ca. 1972. If only Nixon's drunken bellicosity could have erupted onto the boardwalk! Had there been no cover-up, there would have been no investigation: maybe that's the Situation we should learn from.

H. Pap BrownYour Name “Kobe” Now: B-Ballin', Meat-Markets, and Hoop Dream Houseboys
by H. Pap Brown

Brown runs the voodoo down in a court-side counter-slide to the sports-radio, ESPN-ified, mass-marked white-wash of America's blackest sport. The power of a few, token successes to keep the rest of Afro-America enthralled is an object lesson for white boys like me: the rich man makes it looks easy, then blames you for not trying enough when he biases the refs against you.

Richards Estevez-Olsen IIITravails with Charlie: a Steinbeckian Salute to the Violent Torpedo of Truth (Heavy on the Torpor)
by Richards Estevez-Olsen III

Estevez-Olsen III draws parallels between Steinbeck's vision of an America that grinds down its poor with Charlie Sheen's prideful self-motivational speechifying. Our reactions to the impossibility of our situation are similarly bifurcated: we tell ourselves we're the best while acting like the worst. Charlie is America, spinning almost out of control, but boastfully self-aware.

TEEEFSThe Violet Torpedo of Teeefs, or Everything I Know I Learnt from a Dog's Dick: a Redneckian Rumination in Rude

Bwow. Bwowowowow! Woof.

Maas ToydThe Sleep Wonder: Effective Pitching in the Age of Nautilus Neck, an Observation in Somnolistic Discomfort
by Maas Toyd

Putting all participants on different mattresses did nothing to help Toyd's monotonic delivery seem less like a lullaby, but the fascinating/scary analysis of the image of the Sleep Number pitchwoman's peculiar physiognomy will provide us decades of fitfulness and night-terrors.

JD Klutter-SnyderTipper McGore and Folly: Censorship and the Wandering Eye, a Pop-Historical Exposure of the Overpacked Closet
by JD Klutter-Snyder

If being a politician is about the selective absenting of uncomfortable parts of one's personality, then political reporting is about forming the mental habit of writing into the void. Pens poised to follow The Gaze there, the phallus is certain to phollow.

Gordon OrmannRecessame Street: Edutainment in an Age of Economic Collapse, or Grouchonomics 101
by Gordon Ormann

Ormann's thesis is as simple as “QE2” and brought to you by the letter “k,” as in “401k.” It's investment made simple for the only hope America has: a pre-tween set not yet set in its dangerous credit-default-swapping, for-the-rich-tax-cutting, credit-card-debt-laden ways. Caught early, austerity may not mean living mean in a garbage pail.

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