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Postmodern Village
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The Mainly Annual
EastWesterly Review/Postmodern Village
16th Annual

Betty Gibb-JohnstonTransgenders: More Than Meets the I
by Jorge Christiansen-Carlos

Taking off on his previous exploration of the wildly unpopular She-Man and He-Ra cartoon series of the 1980s, Christiansen-Carlos interpenetrates the complexities of gender-bending gone wired with such questions as “Were sex-change operations the first step toward our inevitable cyborg future?” Hardware meets sexual ambiguity and software projects rough trade at the flip of a switch. The notions are electrifying, but the live bot demo got queered by the train's internal communication system. (Forgive the blurry photograph; it was a bumpy patch of track.)

Sue P. NazzieNon-Dairy Kramer: How Seinfeld Causes Lactose Intolerance, a Primer in Three Screams
by Sue P. Nazzie

I felt the need to rush to the loo frequently while viewing the '90s-era shitcom, but strangely, never stopped watching. Nazzie's thesis explains that it was, indeed, something, and not about nothing after all. Cheeziness notwithstanding, where's the mechanism? Perhaps it's whimpering beneath a tranny's tranny with Christiansen-Carlos's intellectual vehicles: too goofy to live, too syndicated to die.

Salvester MonellaTweets and Meats: Twitter as Food-Security First Response, a Proposal in 140 Characters
by Salvester Monella

Pungent, potent, 2 the point; we twitter and stew in our germy slew. Sebelius, take note—you've a thing or 2 2 learn from Moore's Boy Toy!!!

Gol D. LoxGoldman Saxophone: Greenspan, Green Jobs, the Greenback, and Jazz, an Improvisation in Three Bars
by Gol D. Lox

If you've ever thought that maybe the Fed has just been making it up all along, that banking is some type of high-class bricolage, or better, just plain gambling; if you've ever thought that economics is a shell-game duded up to look legit, Lox has an earful for you. The former Fed chair in the title was once a jazz musician before he discovered Ayn Rand and proceeded to objectively fuck us all, but as our currency falls and the future must itself be created out of shoveling a lot of green (both eco and econo), we became quite aware of the fact that the government-subsidized train on which we rode, while maybe not on time, at least ran. Perhaps it's not too late for the Glorious Five Year Plan, or at least, for less uncertainty as we riff off an economic scrip.

Papers from Train 2: Capitol Limited