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Celebrating 16 Years Online!

What's newest at the Postmodern Village
* 2015 (Inter)National Postmodern Village Conference and Innovation Symposium: The 22nd Annual Conference
* Issue 35 of EastWesterly Review
* Due to budget cuts, the blog has moved.
* We've been told to generate more any tiny bit of revenue by The Man. Yo, you wanna buy a watch? An Amazon Prime account? A Kindle? Lip gloss? Motor oil? Test tubes? Toilet paper? ANYTHING?

Highlights from the latest EastWesterly Review
* ISSUE 35: Comments and criticism from Ayn Koch, Penelope Farthing-Byke, Tal E. Essyn, and E.W. Wilder. Short fiction from Bean Newtonian, poetry from Wallets Steepens, and "meaning" from the Decommissioned Reification Commission.

We Always <Heart> Your Support
* Use the link in the column to your left to support the Village. (We know you're buying books, you brainiacs.) Your purchases will keep the Village healthy and wise. Let's aim for breaking even before we tackle wealthy.

Highlights from the latest Take2
* ISSUE 18: Hezekiah Allen Taylor and Francine DuBois are back with poems about Sarah Palin, the stock market and sex. It's more fun than watching your 401(k)!

Villagers in Print
Lael Ewy's "Towards a Manifesto for a New Poetry" appears in Troubles Swapped for Something Fresh, edited by Rupert Loydel. His work originally appeared in EastWesterly Review: Issue 8 as an editor's screed.

Both Hezekiah Allen Tayor and Francine DuBois appear in Sinatra: . . . but buddy, I'm a kind of poem, edited by Gilbert Gigliotti, alongside poets such as Allen Ginsberg and David Lehman. Their Sinatra poems originally appeared here in Take2, Issue 8.

Longtime Village supporter John P. Jones has published Writing At Gunpoint: Get Started Blogging: Reluctant writers can be excellent bloggers!. If you're thinking about blogging (and especially if you have to blog for work), this is perfect.