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The Arthur Miller School of Dance
by Francine DuBois

For the academy

Gently we bend,
         Letting the burden of Anti-Semitism
                 Fall off of our tired bones.

                 Then we recuperate,
         Pulling strength from guts,
Stomping our boots in retaliation.

(we don't think about willy loman too much,
okay? it's not good for the digestion. just know
we're all to blame. okay? now, step 2, 3, 4.)

Ears to our shoulders,
         We hear not the questions
                   About Marilyn Monroe.

                   We dip instead,
         Shedding the weight of her mystique
Like raindrops on an otter's slickened coat.

(they always ask about her, not letting
her sleep. that's all she wanted, a moment of
darkness from flashbulbs and secrets.)

Don't neglect your hands,
         Workhorses of the average man.
                   Fill them with grace, beauty, and innocence.

                   Remember the difference between carefree
         And carelessness is crucial. Your fingertips
Will tell you which matters in the end.

(you must dance for yourself primarily,
although you never dance for just yourself.
you dance for all people. this much is true.)

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