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Postmodern Village
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The Mainly Annual
EastWesterly Review/Postmodern Village
17th Annual

Tyrell Least-Heap MilesMos Def/Mos Depp: a Deep Map of the Stratigraphy of Cool
by Tyrell Least-Heap Miles

With the temperature set at 15 degrees and a dress code of all black (but not "goth black," and that was understood), this presentation was a little like watching a hip-hop version of the exploitation classic The Beatniks set in a Compton barbershop. Try watching The Chappelle Show re-runs in a French pub. It's interesting.

Bauer Klaiborne-KaranThe Flavor Slaver: How Rich Tastes Fuel Poor Oppression, or Lashins for Fashions, a Biography of Consumer Guilt
by Bauer Klaiborne-Karan

Klaiborne-Karan tracks the career of a single Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt design from its inception as a cheap way for the wealthy to slum to a slumland icon as a way of demonstrating that the castoffs of the rich keep the masses in check: always place the price tantalizingly just at the edge of affordability. Rich people's discards and poor people's dreams collide and collude to keep folks of color always on the run.

Milton Greens-PannHy-perv-ole: the Spiraling XXXesses of Online Porn as Metaphor for Irrational Exuberance
by Milton Greens-Pann

It's not what you think—really. The spreadsheets Greens-Pann provided were of the literal variety and matched the recent market bubble to the spread of online erotica perfectly. But here's the rub: the orgy is mostly over on Wall Street, while the permeation of perv on the Web has just gotten to foreplay.

Guin S. AlexObi-Wan Shedoobee: Star Wars, the Ink Spots, and the Imperialism of Do-Wop
by Guin S. Alex

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and hegemony.

Anton LeRocheMephistopholoma: Health Care "Reform," Pharming the Devil's Middle Ground
by Anton LeRoche

The charge by the Right that the Left is evil, and the charge by the Left that the Right is the same may just mask a satanic middle, contends LeRoche. Where better to hide than under the cover of a bland reasonableness and willingness to compromise? Perhaps. Still, the overlay of a pentagram on the map of health care industry lobbyists' K Street offices may prove too convenient for mere coincidence.

Kary Binaca RatheonConspearamints: Halitosis, Halliburtion, and the Whitewashing of Whitehouse PR, a How-to Tell-All in Three Octaves
by Kary Binaca Ratheon

Presaging Wikileaks' uncovering of massive problems in America's campaign in Afghanistan, Ratheon shows how reading between the lines of presidential press-secretary statements makes even the most stoolish sing like the proverbial pigeon. And she did it all while shattering wine glasses with her massive (and sweet-breathed) vocal range.

Colin Keebler-FieldsFamous Anus: Celebuporn Meats Medical Activism in the Age of Interactive Macroscopy
by Colin Keebler-Fields

British digestive biscuits aside, The Today Show's episode of “Deep Inside Katie Couric's Bowels” was visceral enough to earn it a bona fide public service sobriquet. However, we'd do well to mind Keebler-Fields' warning: if they insist on making sex vids, the least Paris Hilton et al. can do is show us how to be safe about it.

Papers, Part 6